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Club Fitting – Frequently Asked Questions

How do different specifications affect my golf game?

  • Lie angle affects the direction of the ball
  • Shaft delivers energy to the ball and contributes to squaring the face at impact
  • Head design affects the trajectory and the direction of the ball
  • Length of the shaft affects comfort, balance and the ability to have center hits
  • Loft affects the trajectory of the ball

Why should I get fitted clubs?

Different specifications make the equipment perform differently. This is why manufacturers offer fitting systems with clubs of different lie angles, shaft materials, lengths and flexes, head designs and lofts. A club fitter can fit you with equipment that is easier to play consistently which elevates your confidence.

Does it make sense for a high handicapper to get custom fit?

All level of golfers can benefit from properly fitted golf clubs. A club that is easy to hit for a golfer may not be for another player of the same caliber. That is why manufacturers offer variations of the same equipment. Through research and product development, manufacturers now make equipment that can perform for all levels of golfers.

What should I expect from a club fitting session?

During a club fitting session, the fitter will usually want to know a little bit about you as a golfer. Questions that are generally asked are about your handicap, golf strengths, weaknesses, experience and preferences. The more you can tell the fitter about your golf game, the better they will be able to fit you. For irons fitting, the expert will test and evaluate the lie angle, shaft length, shaft material, shaft flex, head design and grip size. For a wood fitting the fitter will evaluate the shaft length, shaft material, shaft flex, head design, loft and grip size. We also will help determine the set make up so that there are no gaps in your bag.

What should I get at the end of a club fitting session?

A golfer who goes through a club fitting session should be getting two things. The first is the knowledge and understanding of the specifications which work best for them. This valuable information will give you peace of mind so you can play your best golf. Secondly, you will be able to order a club that works for you, not against you. We also will give you a written report of the fitting session with all your specifications and we keep a copy in our files.

What benefits will I get from a club fitting session?

Consistency in performance is a major reason we recommend people to get fitted for golf clubs. With golf clubs that are built for you, your bad rounds will be better and your good ones will be great. Equipment that is built for you will increase your chances of performing at your peak. Knowing that your clubs are properly fitted should also give you more confidence on the course.