Club Fitting

Club Fitting

Custom club fitting has become increasingly popular for both junior and adult golfers of all ages and playing levels and is one of the most affordable investments you will ever make in your golf game. Let the real pros fit you! A club fitting session with one of our fitters will answer all your questions and take out any uncertainty you may have. With the help of the latest technology we take the guess work out of the equation. By studying the launch conditions you get the equipment that matches your swing characteristics.

Get fit the right way, and you are guaranteed to lower your score and improve your distance and control! The CGA prides itself on carrying the latest in club-fitting technology. The Zelocity PureLaunch Golf Performance Monitor is rapidly becoming the standard for professional instructors to fit golfers of all ages and playing abilities.

The Pure Launch Outputs: Ball Velocity, Club Head Speed, Carry Distance, Power Transfer Ratio %, Launch Angle, Total Spin, Trajectory Graphics, Shot Simulation, Club Acceleration and Deceleration, Data and Reports.

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